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Chronic Pain Management

The Chronic Pain Management Program is an innovative, multidisciplinary program developed to help and support Kaiser Permanente members who live with chronic pain. Our goal is to teach self-care tools to alleviate suffering, enhance quality of life and promote healing through an integrated wellness model. Our commitment is to offer compassionate care in a timely fashion.

Our Staff

Our staff is comprised of a multidisciplinary team which includes Medical Doctors, Psychologists, Physical Therapists, Pharmacists and Acupuncturists.

Chronic Pain Program Classes

Acupuncture Overview

A one-hour class for members referred for acupuncture. The goal of the class is to provide a general understanding of acupuncture, describe the acupuncture process at Kaiser Permanente and address any questions or concerns so that we can devote your first appointment to treating your condition.

* Class Participants: Members Only

* Referral: Referral required

Graduate Group

A follow-up group for patients who have completed Chronic Pain Management classes (Intermediate or Intensive). The group provides a supportive environment to help patients maintain or further develop pain management skills.

* Class Participants: Members who are graduates of the Intensive or Intermediate pain program

* Referral: Referral required

Intermediate Pain Management Program

An 8 session series (each session is 2-1/2 hours) including weekly gentle reconditioning exercises, relaxation training, and skills for pacing, mindfulness, thought reframing, stress management, communication and managing flare-ups. Participants learn self-care skills to deal with the impact of chronic pain on mood, thoughts, relationships and daily activities.

* Class Participants: Members Only

* Referral: Referral required

Care may include:

  • A group orientation class to introduce you to the department and learn about chronic pain.
  • An initial evaluation by a pain physician and health psychologist. The Chronic Pain team will then develop a treatment plan just for you.
  • An 8 week group class with other people who have chronic pain. During this program, you will learn and build skills that have helped many people manage their pain such as pacing, medication management, reconditioning, staying active, relaxation techniques, and positive thinking.
  • Phone contact and individual appointments with chronic pain providers while enrolled in the program.
  • While we are able to review your laboratory reports, medications filled at Kaiser Permanente Pharmacies and recent imaging studies on our computers, we do not have access to non-Kaiser medical systems. For this reason, please make sure we receive copies of all records, including x-rays or x-ray reports that pertain to your chronic pain problem.
  • Before your first visit, we will need to complete a few forms. Please contact us at 650-742-7242 for more information.