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Although our interaction with you and your family members is usually measured in hours, versus the weeks or years you may spend with other providers who care for you, this short timeframe is very important to us. Our goals are to instill confidence that we will be there to shepherd you through this period and deliver the superior service and quality of care that we all want and need for our well-being.

To achieve these goals we have assembled a skilled and caring team that includes board certified anesthesiologists and certified registered nurse anesthetists (CRNAs). We are dedicated to insuring that you will receive the most current and safe anesthetic care available that will be individualized for your particular needs. In addition to surgical anesthesia care, our anesthesiologists also offer consultations and treatment for chronic pain conditions.

What to Expect

Because we believe in the safety and quality benefits of the Anesthesia Care Team approach, several members of our department will be involved in your overall care. In preparation for your surgery, our care begins with a pre-operative consultation that includes an assessment of your medical condition and anesthesia history. This appointment is usually scheduled a few days in advance of your surgery (for urgent situations this can be done immediately prior to your surgery). Anesthesia options, risks, and benefits are discussed with you at this time. Your family members are always welcome to join you during this consultation. On the day of your surgery you will be cared for by both anesthesiologists and nurse anesthetists, who will reassess your readiness in the preoperative area, administer your anesthetic, and care for your needs in the post-anesthesia recovery area.

If you have a chronic pain condition, your primary care provider or another specialist will refer you to one of our anesthesiologists. You will be seen in either the Medical Office Building or the Orchid Center, depending upon the type of treatment you may need.