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Fit4Life Program

African American children playing outside with their father

Program Description

Is your family looking for help making healthy lifestyle changes in a supportive community?  Are you struggling to get your kids on board with eating healthy and being more active?

Kaiser Permanente South Sacramento’s Fit4Life Program is a family participation program that provides support for kids and teens ages 5-17. The program supports families with making changes to improve overall wellness including increasing physical activity, adopting balanced and healthy nutrition habits, and having a healthy relationship with food for life.

10 Week Program structure:

  • Alternating biweekly classes and coaching appointments to provide weekly contact with the team for a consecutive 10 weeks
  • Individualized coaching appointments with parents and teens
  • Initial assessment with the multidisciplinary team to guide individualized interventions
  • Long term follow-up and support available
  • Teen groups available
  • Spanish groups available

Participants will receive support including the following:

  • Education and support and interactions for your whole family
  • Individualized coaching support for Teens and Parents
  • Group meetings

Program Options:

  • Fit4Life Program
  • Coaching calls only
  • Fit4Life class only
  • Workshops – one-time classes or a short series of classes to address topics including (but not limited to) Emotional Eating, Picky eating, How to Help Your Children Eat Vegetables, and more.

Program cost:

  • No cost for group sessions and coaching for most health plans
  • Other co-pays and deductibles may apply

How to get referred?

To learn more please contact your child’s South Sacramento Pediatrician for referral.

Parent Workshop Topics

  • Emotional eating
  • Picky eaters
  • The science behind sugary drinks (available in Spanish)
  • Healthy Holidays (available in Spanish)
  • Practical food shopping and budgeting