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African American Health Resources

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We are excited to promote some special health offerings aimed at helping our African American members live healthier, happier lives. Sign up for a virtual class below or listen to previous House Calls sessions that focus on African American health (see links at right).

Plants Over Pills

In 2022 we started a Plants Over Pills campaign where we are helping patients learn how to take a plant-based approach on taking control of their health.

In February 2024 we are introducing our guided health program entitled Plants Over Pills: The 3 Week Health Experience. If you are looking for help with improving your health in concrete steps, this program is for you!

If you miss the live virtual sessions, don’t worry –the content will be recorded and uploaded to our website.

Learn more.

Health Education On Demand Classes

African American Preconception 

There has been a lot in the news and social media about the unique risks African American women face in pregnancy.  Ensuring that we, as black women, are healthy BEFORE we get pregnant is the most underutilized weapon we have in protecting ourselves and our children. We are excited to share this on-demand African American Preconception Counseling Class to walk through how to get healthy before pregnancy.

Take the class.

Black Heart Health On Demand Event

This is a recording of our Black Heart Health Event from 10/27/2021 where a panel of African American health educators and doctors covered non-medication ways to lower blood pressure. This event covers diet, exercise, stress reduction, and how to check your blood pressure at home. We took a lot of questions from over 100 African American patients who attended the event live. If you have questions about how you can take control of your heart health, this recording is a great way to start!

View the event.


Tell Us What You Want: We’re Listening 

Click here to complete our survey and provide feedback on what programs for African American patients you would like to see here at Kaiser Permanente South Sacramento.