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Trauma Injury Prevention and Outreach

The Trauma Injury Prevention Program is dedicated to the promotion of healthy behaviors and the prevention of unintentional injury and death through intervention, education, and outreach. We seek to reduce the prevalence and related morbidity and mortality of the most common causes of injury in our community.

Kaiser Permanente actively participates in a variety of community events focused on safety and injury prevention:

Developed in 2009 as an important part of our South Sacramento Level II Trauma Center, the Trauma Injury Prevention program and outreach is facilitated through community partnerships, program funding, and education.

The trauma department seeks out evidence-based programs, and works with local law enforcement, fire departments and other public agencies, educational institutions and local community organizations to leverage relationships to benefit the community we serve in south Sacramento. Additionally, we offer many classes to the community that are designed to promote safe behaviors and prevent injuries.

For more information about Kaiser Permanente’s Trauma Prevention Program that includes education on fall prevention, violence prevention, and car crash prevention, please call (916) 203-2012.