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Inpatient Psychiatry

Sierra Vista Hospital
8001 Bruceville Rd
Sacramento, CA 95823
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Inpatient Psychiatry is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Information: 916-688-2000
Fax: 916-688-0457

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There are times when members of Kaiser Permanente need additional support and services beyond those available in the Outpatient Psychiatry Clinics. When this occurs, Inpatient Psychiatry is here to provide additional assistance to those Kaiser Permanente members who have been referred to Kaiser Permanente-contracted psychiatric facilities. Inpatient Psychiatry serves to facilitate communication between Kaiser Permanente-contracted providers and facilities and Kaiser Permanente providers to assure the highest level of care for our members. In addition each Kaiser Permanente member in our psychiatric inpatient facilities meets with a Kaiser Permanente liaison who ensures that Kaiser members feel valued and that any concerns are addressed promptly.

For psychiatric patients who have been deemed to require additional care, Intensive Case Managers (ICM’s) enhance Kaiser Permanente services by providing increased outreach, assistance, and treatment support. ICM’s support Kaiser Permanente psychiatric patients in the following ways:

  1. Checking in with Kaiser Permanente Patients about mental health concerns & medication compliance
  2. Assisting with finding safe/proper housing.
  3. Encouraging Kaiser Permanente Patients work with their outpatient Psychiatry Providers.
  4. Attending Kaiser Permanente appointments with patients, as necessary.
  5. Providing Kaiser Permanente Patient’s family members with information & resources to assist in care.
  6. Attending IEP’s and provide support to parents (For minors).
  7. Assistance with Social Security Disability and SSI.

Kaiser Permanente Inpatient Psychiatry is here to provide the best possible experience and treatment for Kaiser Permanente members to help each person thrive.