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Addiction Medicine Recovery Services

9324 West Stockton Blvd. 
Elk Grove, CA 95758 
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Monday through Thursday
7 a.m. to 6:30 p.m.

New Appointments: 916-525-6100
Return Appointments/Information/Cancellation: 916-525-6790

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Our Mission

Kaiser Permanente’s Chemical Dependency Services are designed to help individuals lead a chemical-free life, to assist the family in their own recovery, and to identify healthy ways for the family to respond to and support the chemically dependent individual during the recovery process.


The program offers an outpatient support/educational focus toward the treatment of chemical dependency for health plan members and their families/significant others. Patients attend weekly group and educational sessions as a requirement of continued program enrollment. Individual and family counseling are also available. Attendance at self-help meetings is expected. (A.A., N.A., LifeRing, Al-Anon, etc.)

Program Eligibility

Our services are available to all Kaiser Permanente members. No referral is necessary. To schedule an appointment for an evaluation or enroll in the program, an adult (over 18 years old) seeking treatment must call the Psychiatry Department Triage Line at 916-525-6100. The parent or legal guardian of a minor may schedule an appointment for their child.

The initial appointment is the same co-payment as a medical office visit. Classes are offered at no cost.

Patient Confidentiality

The Chemical Dependency Program is voluntary and confidential. No individual information can be divulged without a written release signed by the patient.
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