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Strengthening and Stretching Videos

Title Name
1 Introduction: Stretching and Strengthening for Good Health
2 Squats: Strengthening Gluteals and Legs
3 Lunges: Strengthening Gluteals and Legs
4 Hip Abduction: Strengthening Hips
5 Back Extension: Improving Back Range of Motion
6 Quad Hip Flexor: Stretching Front of Upper Leg/Groin
7 Hamstring Stretch: Stretching Hamstring using Chair
8 Incline Planks: Strengthening Core Abdominals, Upper & Lower Back
9 Oblique Twists: Strengthening Abdominals
10 Triceps Extensions: Strengthening Upper Arms
11 Snow Angel: Stretching Upper Torso and Improving Posture
12 Rowing to Waist: Strengthening Upper Back (Postural Muscle)
13 External Rotation: Strengthening Shoulder/Rotator Cuff
14 Internal Rotation: Strengthening Shoulder/Rotator Cuff
15 Empty Can: Strengthening Shoulder/Rotator Cuff
16 Bicep Curls: Strengthening Upper Arm
17 Wrist Extensor: Strengthening of Top of Forearm
18 Wrist Flexor: Strenthening Bottom of Forearm
19 Hand Strengthening: Strengthening with Rubber Band for Fingers and Hands
20 The Dip: Strengthening Triceps, Latissimus Dorsi, Shoulders & Back (NOTE: Not for anyone with wrist discomfort or wrist injury)
21 Incline Push Up: Strengthening Chest, Back, Shoulders, Arms and Abdominals
22 Upper Trapezius: Stretching Neck and Above Shoulder (3 in one stretch)
23 Pectoral Stretch: Stretching Chest with in Corner Option
24 Pectoral Stretch: Stretching Chest with Shoulder Blade Pinch Option
25 Forearm Stretch: Stretching Wrist Extensors/Flexors (top/bottom forearm)
26 Thumb/Fist Stretch Stretching Thumb and Side of Wrist