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Latest Updates on COVID-19 Testing

Most of the time, you can use an easy and reliable no-cost home antigen test for your COVID-19 testing needs. Not sure which COVID-19 test is right for you? See our guidelines on choosing the right COVID-19 test.

PCR tests are used when directed by your doctor or when you’re required to show a negative PCR test for international travel or in circumstances where self-tests are not an option, such as to prove a negative COVID-19 test. Please check testing requirements prior to choosing a testing option.

You can now get a rapid PCR test with results in 24 hours or less at our convenient Northern California Kaiser Permanente testing locations. To get your test, start with an E-visit.

Visitor Policy and COVID-19 Information

We have updated the visitation guidance for hospital and ambulatory settings based on the most recent public health order by the CDPH to include the key changes below:

Hospitals and clinics may now allow all patients to have visitors without restriction.

Visitors are no longer required to show proof of vaccination or of negative COVID-19 test result to visit their family or friends in the hospital.

Effective April 3, 2023, per updated guidance from the California Department of Public Health, masks are no longer required at Kaiser Permanente facilities, except where mandated by governmental and regulatory agencies or our local infection prevention experts. Currently, masks are required upon entrance to the hospital and throughout your visit. Patients and visitors should check themselves for common COVID-19 symptoms prior to entering our facilities and can continue to request and voluntarily use masks as a recommended tool to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and other respiratory-like illnesses.

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Medical Office Building 2 Construction Project Begins

On Thursday, May 26, a construction project at Medical Office Building 2 on the main campus required cordoning off a large section in the center of the building’s lobby.  Signs are posted to direct members around the construction area and highlight where to access the elevators, stairwells and first-floor clinics.

The Medical Office Building 2 lobby and first floor clinics will remain open on weekdays.

The COVID-19 Vaccine Clinic, which operates on the third floor of Medical Office Building 2, will be closed for Sat., June 4, and Sat., June 18.

This construction project includes painting and the installation of new flooring.

COVID Vaccine Clinic Hours at Kaiser Permanente Santa Rosa

Getting the COVID-19 vaccine is your best defense against the virus – and it is a safe, effective way to protect the people around you.
We now allow walk-ins for ages 12 and up. Ages 6 month – 11 years are by appointment only.

Appointments are available for booking online at, using the My Doctor Online app on mobile devices, or through our appointment and advice line.

  • Adult Advice Line phone number 707-393-4044
  • Pediatric Advice Line phone number 707-393-4044

Santa Rosa COVID-19 Vaccines


401 Bicentennial Way, Santa Rosa, CA
Medical Office Building 2, on the 1st Floor, Suite 180.


Tuesday through Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 12 p.m. and 1:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m.
Saturday, 8:30 a.m. to 12 p.m. and 1:30 p.m. to 4 p.m.

  • We now allow walk-ins for ages 12 and up. Ages 6 month – 11 years are by appointment only.
  • We are no longer open on Mondays.
  • We will continue to offer flu vaccines to all patients seen in the COVID Vaccine Clinic.




Now Open: Urgent Care Clinic

Our new Urgent Care Clinic is now open.  We are here to assist you with minor injuries and minor medical problems, that require prompt medical attention, usually within 24 to 48 hours, but not an emergency medical condition.  We do not administer IV pain medication, if you are in severe pain go to the Emergency Department.

Urgent Care-Appropriate Examples:

  • Minor extremity injuries (sprains/broken bones)
  • Minor wounds and cuts
  • Skin infections (abscess drainage)
  • Foreign body removal
  • Nail infections/injuries
  • Minor burns
  • Animal/insect bites
  • Sore throat, sinus infections, cough, and earaches
  • Frequent/painful urination (bladder infection)
  • Concussion/head injury (without confusion/lethargy/active vomiting)
  • Back/neck injury (without numbness or weakness)
  • Oral/dental infections
  • Eye infections

Urgent Care Flyer

Estamos aquí para asistirle con sus lesiones y problemas médicos menores que necesiten una pronta atención médica, por lo general entre 24 a 48 horas, pero que no sea una afección médica de emergencia. Nosotros no administramos medicamentos para el dolor por vía intravenosa, si usted tiene un dolor insoportable, vaya al Departmento de Emergencias.

Ejemplos de un apropiado cuidado de urgencia:

  • Lesiones menores en las extremidades (torceduras/fracturas)
  • Heridas y cortes menores
  • Infecciones en la piel (drenar un furúnculo)
  • Extracción de un objeto extraño
  • Lesiones o infecciones de uñas
  • Quemaduras menores
  • Picaduras de insectos, mordeduras animales
  • Dolor de garganta, sinusitis, tos y dolor de oído
  • Orinar frecuentemente o con dolor (infección de la vejiga)
  • Conmoción o lesión en la cabeza (sin confusión,aletargamiento o vómito)
  • Infecciones orales o dentales
  • Infecciones en los ojos
  • Lesiones en la espalda o en el cuello (sin adormecimiento o debilidad)

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