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Ten Ways to Improve Your State of Mind

Here is a list of 10 simple things you can do to improve your state of mind. Remember that your mind and body are one so you cannot ignore one and expect the other to function well!

1. Move: Our bodies were meant to move and it is well-proven that physical activity of any sort, even very modest exercise leads to longer, healthier lives and decreases depression. Start slow with a safe exercise like walking. Try to make it part of your daily routine. Even 20 minutes a day can make a difference.

2. Eat Right: Don’t forget those five servings of fruits and vegetables. Drink enough water. Also if you are on antidepressants, be sure to get adequate amounts of protein. The has lots of information that can help you make your diet healthier.

3. Get Enough Sleep: Many of us try to get by with less than eight hours a night and we are chronically tired as a result. If you are having a lot of problems with sleep consider the sleep class offered by our behavioral health education. Also tell me, sometimes changes in medication can be helpful.

4. Limit Alcohol: As you probably already know, alcohol is a depressant and can work against treatment for behavioral problems. Tell me if you are concerned about your alcohol consumption. Kaiser has great programs that can help.

5. Limit Caffeine: We live in fast times and many of us depend on caffeine to get us through. Anything more than four 8 ounce cups of coffee, or equivalent amounts of caffeine consumed in tea or colas, can lead to real health problems with sleep and anxiety.

6.Think Positive: When we are depressed or stressed we tend to see the world in a negative way. These negative thoughts make us even more sad. Try to be rational and positive in your thinking. It will help you feel better.

7. Connect: Having connections to other beings is a key factor in health. This can mean being connected to family, friends, members of a church, or even a pet.

8. Communicate: The expressions ”having a heart-to-heart talk” or ”getting it off my chest” really do mean something. Talk about how you feel to others. If it is difficult to share things with friends or family, let me know. We have skilled therapists and a variety of specialized therapy groups in the clinic that can really make a difference.

9. Indulge Yourself: Believe it or not, pleasure is good for you! Think of things that you enjoy- big or small- and do them. It can be anything from listening to music you love to taking time to walk your dog. You may have to push yourself at first but it will help you heal and stay healthy.

10. Work With Me: Sometimes patients get discouraged and give up if the first medication or treatment does not work for them. Tell me, either in person or via email or phone, there are many effective treatments available. Sometimes we have to try more than one treatment to find the right combination for you. Keep your appointments with me so we can discuss how things are going. If you need to cancel, do it in a timely manner so that someone else can use that appointment.