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Occupational Medicine

Occupational Medicine is a no-fault, employer-paid insurance system which provides assistance to employees injured in the course and scope of employment.

The Kaiser Occupational Medicine Clinic provides treatment to patients authorized by their employers to be seen for injuries or cumulative medical conditions determined be the result of work related activities. Patients may be Kaiser members or not, Kaiser employees or not.

PM&R physicians are trained to treat acute and chronic neurological and musculoskeletal injuries. With the majority of workers compensation claims being acute or cumulative musculoskeletal injuries, we are ideally suited to provide appropriate rehabilitative care to allow patients to return to maximal functional capacity.

What To Do If You are Injured At Work…

1. Notify your supervisor, manager, or employer and fill out appropriate forms. Your employer is responsible for notifying their workers compensation insurance carrier of the injury.
2. Ask your employer where you may seek medical care. Some employers have designated medical facilities for their injured employees. This may or may not be Kaiser. If you have an emergent problem, go to the closest emergency room for care and inform them that your problem is work related. The proper paperwork can be done later. Your follow-up will then be directed to the appropriate clinic by your employer or their insurance carrier.
3. Always return your visit verification form (work restrictions or release note) to your employer after each visit to the physician.


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