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Teen Health FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to questions often asked by other Kaiser Permanente teens.

What are the chances of getting pregnant when you’ve been on birth control for a year?

That’s a good question. The length of time you’re on birth control won’t affect your chances of getting pregnant. What matters is that you’re consistent in using whatever method you’ve chosen. If you’re on the pill, take it every day! If you’re on Depo Provera, get your shot every three months, etc. And remember, no matter what method of birth control you’re using to avoid an unwanted pregnancy, you should always use a condom!

How can I get/use Emergency Contraceptive Pills (ECPs), also known as Plan B or the Morning After Pill?

If you’ve had unprotected sex or your condom broke during sexual relations, Emergency Contraceptive Pills (ECP’s) can reduce your risk of getting pregnant. The sooner you take emergency contraceptive pills, the more effective they are in preventing pregnancy. Read More

How do I know if I have an eating disorder?

Eating disorders, such as anorexia, bulimia, and binge eating, are on the rise among teenagers. There is a lot of pressure to look thin and it’s not uncommon for people to try to lose weight in ways that are actually unhealthy. Read More

Which acne medication is best for me?

Thanks for your question. Acne is a really common problem for teens, and it’s great that you’re staying on top of it. Everybody’s skin is so different, and different people respond differently to different products, so it’s hard to tell which will work better for you. A lot of times it, takes a few tries to find the acne treatment that’s right for you. You can try first one, and then the other one, or you can make an appointment with your doctor so they can take a look at your skin and help you figure out what’s going to work best.

I think my friend might have a problem with drugs and alcohol. Who should I talk to?

Abusing drugs and alcohol can hurt your body, your brain, your relationships, your grades, and your motivation to achieve your goals. The consequences can be long-lasting, and in extreme cases, even life-threatening. If you think your friend may have a problem with drugs and/or alcohol, it’s really important that you talk to an adult who can help. You’re not protecting your friend by keeping his or her problem a secret. Read More