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Confidential means privacy. Your appointments for any of our confidential services are kept strictly between you and the doctor or nurse you see. Any issues you discuss with us during a confidential appointment will not be shared with your parents.

“There are a few things that doctors have to report by law, but everything else we talk about and any treatment we receive in a confidential appointment stays private.”

What is Confidential?

When we say a service is confidential it means your doctor and nurses will not share any medical information about you or anything you say during that appointment with anyone else without your permission, including your parents. We deal with very personal medical information every day and take confidentiality very seriously. You can trust us to not say anything to anyone when we say we won’t.

It’s against the law for us to tell!

What is Not Confidential?

The following four issues are not strictly confidential. This mean that if we learn of any of these situations, we are required by law to tell others so that you can get the help you need.

  • You’re being abused (physically, sexually and/or emotionally)
  • You’re going to hurt yourself or someone else
  • You’re under 14 and having sex with someone 14 years or older
  • You’re under 16 and having sex with someone 21 years or older