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Laboratory FAQs

Where do I go to get my blood drawn or where do I drop off a specimen?

The MOB East laboratory is dedicated to outpatient services; the hospital laboratory is dedicated to our emergency department and hospitalized members.

You can find a list of laboratories and links to maps to help you find your way.

What do I do if I am dropping off a specimen?

Make sure that the sample has your name and medical record number on it so that the proper tests are performed and reported to the correct patient. A registration process must be performed when you submit the sample to the laboratory, the sample cannot be dropped-off without this process.

How do I get my laboratory results?

In general your laboratory results are sent to you in a letter from your physician. For your security and privacy, the laboratory does not release your results to you. If you do not receive your results or have questions you can call adult advise to receive your results or request a call from your physician’s office.

What are the ABCs of a specific laboratory test?

Read through information  about general questions regarding specific laboratory test at Lab Tests Online  – a public resource on clinical lab testing from the professionals who do the testing.

What are instructions for fasting?

All Patients

All patients should continue taking medications as prescribed. Bring all laboratory slips the doctor gave you and your Kaiser Health plan card when reporting for the tests.

Non Diabetics (12 hour fast)

This means that 12 hours prior to the test, you are to have nothing by mouth except water. This means NO coffee, coke, gum, tea, etc. This also includes no smoking. Failure to comply could result in inaccurate reporting of your results to your physician.


Where there is a strict dietary program this should be followed, and the blood collected so that the fasting period is as close to 12 hours as possible. Example: If a light snack is normally taken at 10pm and breakfast at 8:30am, the snack should be eaten as usual and blood collection should be arranged just before breakfast.

If on insulin, the blood collection should be arranged for just before the insulin dose and following meal.