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Admission to the Hospital

If your child’s hospitalization was scheduled in advance, you have already had preadmission screening. The information requested at that time and on the day of your child’s admission will help us speed your child’s admission and make your stay more comfortable. This information is also necessary for the hospital to maintain accurate records and to meet accreditation requirements.

Planning Your Arrival

For information regarding your child’s surgical admission time, call the operating room at 707-393-4670. For your own protection, please notify the Admitting Department if you are being hospitalized due to a work related injury or occupational accident.

Photo Identification

The parent or legal guardian of a minor will be asked for a photo identification.

Permit for Treatment

The permit for a minor must be signed by a parent or legal guardian. The Permit for Treatment form acknowledges your responsibility for payment of non-covered expenses incurred while you are hospitalized, and relieves the hospital of responsibility for personal belongings or valuables which are kept at your bedside. If you are scheduled for surgery, your physician will ask you to sign an additional informed consent form after discussing the surgical procedure and alternative methods of treatment with you. During your child’s hospitalization, you may be asked to sign other permits for treatment that involve special laboratory tests, X-rays, or other procedures.

At the time of your child’s admission, you may specify which of the following information may be disclosed to the public: your admission to the hospital, your room number/location, your religious affiliation and/or condition.


You will be asked for the applicable copayment/deposit payment on the day of admission if not already paid. You may pay by check, credit card, or cash. If you have any questions, call 707-393-4666.

Laboratory Tests and X-rays

Laboratory tests, X-rays or other procedures may be required before hospitalization. Your physician will provide you with appropriate orders, dates and instructions for such procedures. In some instances, these procedures may be performed on the day of admission before you go to your room.