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The Pediatric hospitalist team specializes in seeing babies, children, and teens in the hospital instead of taking care of children in a clinic setting. Our first goal is to provide the highest quality of care to your child. You might see several of our team members while you are here in the hospital, as we typically switch every day. We collaborate with each other and with you, as well as with any specialists we feel are needed, in order to provide excellent care. In addition, we feel very fortunate to be colleagues with the amazing clinic pediatricians here at Kaiser Permanente Santa Rosa – and always try to keep them updated when your child is admitted and discharged.

We attend any high-risk deliveries and also attend C-sections in case the newborn has difficulties at birth. We see any sick newborns and take care of pre-term babies in our special care nursery. Sometimes babies will be in our special care nursery for many weeks, just growing and learning to eat!

We also take care of any sick children, teens, or babies admitted to the hospital, working with the fantastic group of family practice residents from the Chanate Family Practice Center. Typically one resident will be present each day all week, which provides nice continuity for families. And of course, you probably saw us in the emergency room if you were admitted from there.

It is our goal is to communicate well with you. We know that being in the hospital can be a stressful time and we want to make sure that you understand what is going on. We will try to help you however we can.