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Mission & Vision

As nurse leader-teachers, we have a collegial partnership with physicians and other health care workers. We are dedicated to providing the best medical outcomes for our patients and the community, and we help make Kaiser Permanente a great place to work and receive care.


The Department of Nursing reflects the collegial relationship of the health care team, whose unique contributions ultimately determine the quality of our care. We continually promote a healing environment through compassion and respect for others. We are structured under a nursing professional governance model that emphasizes accountability for decision-making both individually and collectively. Our nursing practice is based upon the responsibility and authority of the individual nurse to utilize the nursing process in providing safe, effective and appropriate care, and education to patients and their families. As professional nurses, we utilize clinical knowledge and evidence-based practice to direct our patients’ health care, as partners with them. We view continual improvement and change as a motivation for self-growth and innovation. Our actions advance the positive image of nursing.


  • A multi-disciplinary approach to health care, through collegiality
  • A healing environment, through compassion and respect for others
  • Professionalism, enhanced by continuing educations and self-growth
  • Improving the community’s health, through culturally sensitive educational outreach and patient-family teaching