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At Kaiser Permanente Santa Rosa, our hospitalists are called Hospital Based Specialists (HBS).  The Hospital Based Specialist (HBS) team are all board certified physicians who specialize in the complex process of caring for adult patients once they have been admitted to the hospital.  The physicians are typically on for a week at a time, which allows the patient to build a healing relationship with their physicians.

Many medical centers have switched to systems where inpatients are cared for by hospitalists rather than their primary care physicians. Studies from many of these centers, including University of California at San Francisco, University of California at Davis, Park-Nicollette, and Kaiser Permanente, show that quality and efficiency of inpatient care improve in a hospitalist system. A hospitalist is always in the hospital to respond to the needs of our most ill members.

Smooth transition from the hospital to home is ensured by communication between our hospitalists and our primary care physicians, made easier by Kaiser Permanente’s integrated health care delivery system. Discharge summaries, laboratory, and radiology results are all also available on computer to your primary care physician.