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Chronic Conditions FAQs

  1. Does my insurance pay for Life Care Planning?
    Most plans cover all the Life Care Planning you receive in the hospital. Please check with the Business Office at 707-393-4690 for more coverage questions.
  2. How do I know if I need Life Care Planning?
    If you suffer from a chronic illness, you may receive Life Care Planning. Life Care Planning is available for anyone with an advanced disease, for example; cancer, heart disease, respiratory disease, kidney failure, and Alzheimer’s. It is provided at any stage of illness along with treatment to cure you.
  3. What can I expect from Life Care Planning?
    You can expect to have more control over your life and your illness as you and your loved ones learn how to manage your disease. Life Care Planning helps you carry on with your daily life by helping you to better understand your condition and your choices for medical care. In short, you can expect the best possible quality of life.