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Behavioral Medicine

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Behavioral Medicine:
No referral is necessary

Psychiatry Department:
No referral is necessary

A Behavioral Medicine Specialist (BMS) is present on each of the medical modules and works closely with your doctor or nurse practitioner.  The BMS is a licensed mental health clinician who can help you learn to cope with the stressors that can affect your health and contribute to illness or physical symptoms.  These stressors could include:  living with an illness or painful condition, problems at home or work, the loss of a loved one, the challenges of caregiving, etc.  The Behavioral Medicine Specialist is skilled in deciding whether you might be suffering from clinical depression, an anxiety disorder or another mental health problem. She/he can offer you information and recommendations regarding the full range of Kaiser Permanente Services available to patients.

To schedule an appointment with a Behavioral Medicine Consultant, please call 707-571-3755. No referral is necessary.