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Preparing for Successful Surgery

Preparing for Successful Surgery is an audio program designed to help you prepare for and recover from surgery. The program uses various mind-body techniques such as guided imagery, affirmations, and relaxation with music. This 75-minute audio program is available on CD.  Just as Olympic athletes repeatedly visualize the perfect dive or the ideal long jump, you can use imagery to condition your body to experience greater calmness before surgery and a quicker recovery after surgery. In addition, the program may also help reduce blood loss, decrease anxiety, reduce the need for pain medication, and shorten hospital stays.

Please take a look at our Preparing for Successful Surgery brochure that explains the power of mind-body medicine and gives you additional guidance on using the CD. We encourage you to listen to the CD twice a day during the 3-4 days before surgery and twice a day after surgery until anxiety and discomfort resolve.

You can listen to samples of guided imagery in podcast or  WAV format*.

To obtain a copy of the Preparing for Successful Surgery CD, you may ask your surgeon or anesthesia provider, or contact the Health Education Department.

You may also be interested in the Healthful Sleep CD and the Ease Pain CD to help you prepare for and recover from surgery.*

We hope that this CD will help you better prepare for your surgery and we wish you a speedy recovery.

* These resources are provided by HealthJourneys.com.