Welcome to Kaiser Permanente

Thank you for choosing Kaiser Permanente as your health care provider. You will receive your Kaiser Permanente identification card and informational material shortly after enrollment.  Our members can access services at any of our locations as soon as your coverage becomes effective. If you aren’t sure of the date and you are on an employer group plan, ask your employer. If you are on an individual plan, contact Member Services.

Getting started

Choose Your Doctor

Browse our doctor profiles to see education, credentials, specialties, profile photos to help you to select a doctor who’s right for you. And if you change your mind, you can switch doctors at any time, for any reason. A password is not necessary on this site. You will need your Kaiser Permanente medical record number.  If you have not received your medical card by your effective date, please call Member Services at 1-800-464-4000.

Choose your doctor

Member Outreach Integration: 1-888-466-1800

For your convenience, we recommend choosing a physician located at a facility close to your home or work.  The Santa Clara Medical Center Area has four facilities to choose from:

  • Santa Clara Medical Center
  • Campbell Medical Offices
  • Milpitas Medical Offices
  • Mountain View Medical Offices
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