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Women’s Health and Family Planning


Tubal Ligation Video

This interactive video discusses what to expect before, during, and after your tubal ligation procedure. It covers topics such as risks and benefits and provides tips for recovery after your procedure.

Visit your doctor’s home page at kp.org/mydoctor and search for Tubal Ligation, Interval (Emmi).

Understanding Infertility

This program describes an array of infertility services offered by Kaiser Permanente, including education, counseling, testing, and treatment. It also explains some of the ways you can improve your chances of getting pregnant by staying healthy. Note that not all infertility services are covered by your Kaiser Permanente health plan.

Find this feature on your doctor’s home page or at kpdoc.org/infertilityprogram.

Birth Control Navigator

Birth control isn’t one size fits all. This interactive tool can help you choose the birth control option that’s right for you.

Find this feature at kp.org/mydoctor/birthcontrol.

Individual Appointments

Health Educator will discuss the physical and emotional changes for managing menopause symptoms.

This is a covered benefit for members.

Location: Santa Clara
Information: Call 408-851-3800

Appointments available over telephone, video, or in-person. Interpretation services are available upon request.

Urinary Incontinence

Meet with a health educator to find out what your options are for treating and coping with bladder control problems. Available in Spanish.

This is a covered benefit for members.

Location:  Santa Clara & Skyport
Information: Call 408-851-3800