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Smoking/Tobacco Cessation


Freedom from Tobacco

Declare your freedom and join our tobacco-cessation program. Learn about overcoming nicotine addiction, developing a personal quit plan, coping with withdrawal, and how optional medications can increase your success at quitting. This is a covered benefit for members.

Location: Santa Clara
Sessions: Six 1.5-hour sessions
Information: Call 408-851-3800.

Online registration is available for this class at kp.org/appointments.

Quit Tobacco Medications

Need help quitting smoking or tobacco? Quitting cold turkey can be tough.

Visit kpdoc.org/tobaccomedications to learn about medications that can help you feel better and cope with withdrawal symptoms.

HealthMedia® Breathe®

Develop a personalized plan for decreasing your dependency, managing withdrawal, and  dealing with cravings. This award-winning smoking-cessation program has helped others succeed, and it can help you too!

To learn more, visit kp.org/healthylifestyles.