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Senior Health


Bone Health

Learn about the risk factors for osteoporosis, lifestyle changes that can increase bone strength, how to reduce your risk for fractures, and medication options.

No class fee.

Location: Arques
Sessions: One 2-hour session
Information: Call 408-851-3800.

Brain Fitness 101: Keeping Your Brain Healthy and Optimizing Cognition as You Age

This class will cover the basics of brain function and cognition, along with some of the biggest threats to both. Learn strategies to nurture brain health and cognitive ability well into old age.

No class fee.

Location: Arques, Memory Clinic, 2nd Floor, Training Room A & B
Sessions: One 1.5-hour session; first Friday of each month, 2:30–4 p.m.
Information: Call 408-530-6900.

Fall Prevention

Learn about the causes of falls, home safety tips, and exercises to improve strength, balance, and coordination.

No class fee.

Location: Milpitas and Santa Clara
Sessions: One 1.5-hour session
Information: Call
408-945-2732 (Milpitas)
408-851-3800 (Santa Clara)