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We’ve expanded our Adult Psychiatry Services to a new location in San Jose to meet our growing demand. Click on the San Jose button above to see information about the San Jose location, hours, and phone.


Our department offers many best-practice, evidence-based treatments to help you feel better if you are troubled by psychological symptoms. These treatments range from educational and therapy groups, to brief individual therapy, to medication management under the supervision of a psychiatrist. A referral may be made by the member’s personal provider but a referral is not required.

There are many things which have been scientifically proven to promote improved mental health that do not include medications or therapy. These approaches involved taking better care of yourself by getting enough good quality sleep, exercising in a way that is appropriate for your physical condition (you may want to consult your primary care physician before starting an exercise program), eating well and in a way that controls your weight, quitting smoking if you smoke, and avoiding excessive alcohol, caffeine, or harmful drugs.


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