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Primary Care at Home

Our Primary Care at Home Program provides primary care to our elderly, frail patients who are unable to leave home for any purpose due to their chronic progressive medical illnesses. Most of the patients receiving home-based primary care are either bed-confined or unable to leave their homes due to dementia-related behavioral problems. Lack of transportation is not a factor in determining homebound status.

The Primary Care at Home Program is a team of geriatrics physicians, geriatrics nurse practitioners, office nurses and medical assistants. Our program also works closely with Home Health services and outside laboratory and x-ray services can be provided as the need arises.

The goals of care for the patients in this program are usually comfort-focused and involvement of Palliative Care is also common. Home visits will be scheduled in advance and we are unable to do emergency or urgent visits.

Referral to our Primary Care at Home Program is initiated by the patient’s personal physician and a screening and evaluation will be done to determine if the patient is appropriate for the program.