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Our department is staffed by physicians trained in internal medicine, family practice and includes registered nurse practitioners. Most of your general medical needs can be met by these practitioners, and any necessary referral to a specialist is made by them. We provide comprehensive medical care for adults (ages 18+). Patients between the ages of 14-17 make the choice, along with their parents, whether they would like to be seen in Adult Medicine or Pediatrics.

We are committed to personalized health care. If you do not have a Physician or Nurse Practitioner that you consider your primary caregiver, please call Member Services at 1 888 466-1800 or choose your doctor online today.

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We work hard to ensure that every patient sees their personal physician or nurse practitioner for all of their health care needs. If you need an appointment, please use our online feature to schedule an appointment by visiting your doctor’s home page or call us at our department phone number.

Medication Safety

Please always bring a current list of your medications including dosage and frequency. It is for your own safety that we ask to verify this list at every visit.

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