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Our local Community Benefit grants program supports programs and organizations that are working to address the health needs of our most vulnerable residents.

Through partnerships with community organizations and government entities, Kaiser Permanente strives to benefit the community by addressing issues and concerns that affect overall community health. These partnerships are built on the sharing of knowledge and resources between Kaiser Permanente and health-related community service organizations. Kaiser Permanente brings a variety of resources to these partnerships: cash grants to support community activities, volunteers, and in-kind donations.

Funding Priorities

Kaiser Permanente South Bay has identified priority health and social needs that impact the lives of vulnerable populations through a community needs assessment that is conducted every three years. These priorities provide the basis for the Kaiser Permanente South Bay Community Benefit Program and guide the distribution of contributions to the community.

Kaiser Permanente identified the following priority needs in Santa Clara County for 2017:

1. Healthy Eating Active Living  (HEAL)


  • Increase access to healthy, affordable foods, including fresh produce, and decrease access to unhealthy food.
  • Increase enrollment in and use of federal food programs.
  • Increase access to physical activity opportunities in the community.
  • Increase access to physical activity opportunities in schools.

2. Mental and Behavioral Health


  • Provide screening and identification related to behavioral health needs among low income, vulnerable and uninsured populations and connect them with the appropriate services or support.
  • Support opportunities to prevent and reduce the misuse of drugs and alcohol.
  • Provide access to programs, services or environments that evidence suggests improves overall social/emotional wellness.

3. Community and Family Safety


  • Increase availability of education, job training and enrichment programs for youth.
  • Support programs that promote non-violent solutions to conflict and alternatives to punitive responses.
  • Support programs that prevent and address family violence through reducing risk factors, enhancing protective (resilience) factors and linking to appropriate resources.

4. Access to Care and Coverage


  • Support outreach, enrollment, retention and appropriate utilization of health care coverage programs.
  • Increase access to primary and specialty care.

Application Process and Timeline

Our 2017 grants application process will open on Monday, February 13, 2017.  The application and all required attachments must be received by Friday, March 31, 2017, 5 pm PST.  Grant award decisions will be announced in June 2017.

We will consider requests from organizations that serve underserved populations in the Kaiser Permanente South Bay area, which includes Gilroy to Mountain View.  For services in Palo Alto, please contact the Kaiser Permanente San Mateo area.

To Apply:

  1. Please review the2017 South Bay CB Grant Guide, which contains detailed information on our priority areas.
  2. Please review the Kaiser Permanente Community Benefit Grant Application Guidelines WebEx.
    PLEASE NOTE: This online WebEx training is being offered in place of an in person Grantee Informational Session
  3. After reviewing the 2017 South Bay Grant Guide, please access the 2017 South Bay Grant On-line application.

Please visit the following link to review our 2016 Community Health Needs Assessment report.

All questions and inquiries about the application process may be submitted to southbaygrants@kp.org