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In Our Community

Kaiser Permanente in the Community

At Kaiser Permanente our mission has not changed in nearly 70 years: to improve the health of our members and the communities we serve. Our efforts cover a wide range of community health activities, and they are all based on a long-term approach. To create changes that last, our partners need long-term commitment, and long-term support.

We coordinate funding and resources to support community partners, organizations and agencies. Our physicians and practitioners contribute their time and expertise. We conduct educational programs and we share our research findings and clinical guidelines with our partners and the public.

We’re providing care and coverage for people with low incomes; lending a hand to community health care facilities; making it easier for community residents to make healthier choices.

Learn About Our Community Health Needs Assessments

We are proud to share with you our Community Health reports. The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act requires nonprofit hospitals to conduct Community Health Needs Assessments and to make these reports accessible to the public. Conducting these assessments and making them available to the public meets our obligations under the new federal requirements. More than that, these assessments reflect Kaiser Permanente’s long-standing commitment to working with people in our communities to identify and address the most urgent health needs in the communities we serve. You can view the Community Health Needs Assessments for each Kaiser Foundation Hospital and submit comments on our Community Health Needs Assessments web page.

Through Kaiser Permanente in the Community, we’re helping to build healthier lives, stronger communities, and better conditions in the neighborhoods in which we all live.