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We are dedicated to providing our members with the most effective evaluation and therapy of their allergic conditions, including asthma. Allergy physician appointments are on a referral basis. We provide allergy appointments, allergy skin testing for pollens, environmentals and stinging insects, specific drug challenges (lidocaine and MMR), pulmonary function tests and allergy immunotherapy (allergy shots).

We provide our members with the most effective evaluation and therapy available for all allergic conditions, including asthma, nasal and sinus conditions, skin conditions such as hives and swellings, and allergic reactions to foods, medicines, and insect stings.

How to Become a Patient

All patients must be referred by a physician or other provider.

Your primary physician is able to help you with much of your allergy care, but whenever he or she thinks we can provide additional help, a referral will be sent to our department.

Patients who are already on allergy shots and are transferring do not need a referral and can call our department directly for an appointment. In these cases it is helpful to bring records from the former allergist with you to the first visit so that we can continue care without interruption.

Available Testing

We offer skin testing or “RAST” blood testing for food and inhalant allergens, pulmonary function tests, and occasional vaccine or medication challenge tests. In addition, we utilize our medical center’s radiology and laboratory services when needed.

Available Treatments

Wherever possible, we are first committed to identifying offending allergens and helping our patients avoid triggers. When medication is necessary, we prefer the least amount that is required for adequate control of symptoms. In our most severely affected patients with allergies to unavoidable inhalants such as pollens, we offer allergy shots on a drop-in basis, including during some weekday evening hours.

Our Philosophy

We are committed to preventive therapy wherever possible, whether by avoidance of identified triggers or the use of a medication plan that can be adjusted to anticipate significant unavoidable exposures.

We are also committed to the best service we can provide. We try to be especially available by phone, since many allergic conditions respond well to telephone advice.

We are committed to educating our patients with video tapes, handouts, recent articles from medical journals, and our web site. We can help you most if we become partners in providing the best care available.

Up-To-Date Pollen Counts in Your Area

Allergy Information

Respiratory Allergy Questionnaire

Some patients may need to fill out this questionnaire before their appointment. You can print the form and fill it out in advance to save time when you arrive at our office.