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Pregnancy to Newborn: Healthy Beginnings

Early registration is recommended for all childbirth classes. Space is limited and not guaranteed.

Click on the link below for more information about Healthy Beginnings classes and resources.

Healthy Beginnings Flyer


Breastfeeding offers many health benefits for you and your baby. Learn how to position your baby for optimal nursing, how to tell if your baby is getting enough milk, and ways to prevent and overcome common breastfeeding discomforts and challenges. Take this class at 32–36 weeks of pregnancy. Partners are welcome.

Sessions: One 2 hour session

Registration: Call 408-972-3340.

Childbirth Preparation

In this single-session class, we’ll teach you breathing and relaxation techniques to use during labor and delivery. We’ll discuss pain management options, the role of your coach, hospital procedures, and what to expect before, during, and after delivery. We encourage you to take this class at 36 weeks of your pregnancy. Early registration is suggested. Partners are welcome.

Sessions: One session, 5 hours or 2 sessions, 2.5 hours

Registration: Call 408-972-3340.

Meet the Midwives

This class is an opportunity to learn about certified nurse-midwives and their role in pregnancy, labor, and birthing at San Jose Medical Center. A short presentation will be followed by time for questions and answers.

Sessions: One session, 1.5 hours

Registration: Call 408-972-3340.

Newborn Care

Attend this class during or after your 34th week of pregnancy. You’ll learn about our Pediatrics Department, what to expect in the hospital in regards to newborn care, and how to care for your newborn at home during the first 2 weeks of his or her life.

Sessions: One session, 2 hours

Registration: Call 408-972-3340.

Preparing for Postpartum

This class is designed to help prepare you and your partner about what to expect after your baby is born. We will talk about strategies to keep you, your relationship and your baby happy and healthy during these special times. Partners are welcome. Attend this class when you are between 28 and 36 weeks pregnant.

Sessions: One session, 2 hours

Registration: Call 408-972-3340.

Virtual Labor & Delivery Tour

Please visit kp.org/mydoctor/pregnancy for a virtual tour.

Postpartum Drop-in Support Groups

Baby and Me Online Support Group

An online support group for new parents facilitated by Health Educators. Connect to the group with your phone or computer to discuss sleeping, crying, breastfeeding questions and concerns, adjusting to parenthood, and more! Some sessions feature physicians and guest speakers from the community.

Kaiser Permanente members only

Mondays, 2:00PM – 3:30PM

To register and receive the log in information, please call the Health Education department at (408) 972-3340.

Postpartum Emotional Health Support Group

Learn coping skills, positive self-talk, and relaxation methods for handling stress and depression related to pregnancy and postpartum. For more information, please call (408) 363-4843

Additional Community Resources

Adjusting to Motherhood Support Group

For more information, please call (408) 475-4408 or visit www.postpartum.net