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Heart Health

Successful Living with Hearth Failure

Heart failure can be managed. Join us and discover how you can feel better each day through self-management, exercise, and healthy eating.

Sessions: 2 sessions, 2-hours

Registration: Call 408-972-6535.

Heart Failure Support Group

This group is appropriate for those who have already attended the Living Better with Heart Failure class and need additional help. We will continue to explore self-management of heart failure for an improved quality of life.

Sessions: 9:30 a.m. – 11:30 a.m., dates may vary call for schedule.

Registration: Call 408-972-6535.

Living Heart Healthy

This class is designed to teach members to lower their risk for heart attack and stroke through heart-healthy lifestyle changes, including healthy eating and taking blood pressure at home.

Sessions: One, 2-Hour session

Registration: Call 408-972-3340

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