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Blood Sugar Self-Monitoring

Learn how to use your glucose meter to check blood sugar levels at home.

For more information:  Call 408-972-3340

Prediabetes and You Class

Learn how to help prevent or delay onset of Type 2 Diabetes by eating well and exercising.

For more information: Call 408-972-3340

Diabetes Basics

Feel better and be active and healthy by learning how to prevent diabetes and the basics of managing your type 2 diabetes. Explore the five key areas of type 2 diabetes management: healthy eating, exercise, monitoring your blood sugar levels, proper use of medication, and managing stress. Online sessions are available.

Sessions: One 2-hour session

For information or to register:

Call 408-972-3340,  online registration is also available for this class at kp.org/appointments.

Diabetes Healthy Eating

In this advanced class, get tips on planning meals, counting carbs, and reading food labels. Learn new ways to prepare your favorite foods as well as how to enjoy eating out healthfully. Online sessions are available.

Sessions: One 2-hour session

Registration: Call 408-972-3340

Whole Food, Plant-Based Eating Class

Have you ever considered a plant-based diet but don’t know where to start? In this 2-hour introductory class, you’ll learn about the benefits of fueling your body with nutritious and delicious whole plant-based foods and filling your plate with healthy choices.

Sessions: Single Session (Online Class)

Dates/Time: Call for dates and times

Fee: No Fee

Registration: Please call 408-972-3340

Class dates and times are subject to change

Learn more at: kpdoc.org/lifestylemedicine

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