Health Resources for
San Jose Service Area

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Inspire people. Inform choices. Improve health.

Kaiser Permanente believes in developing, promoting, and delivering Healthy Living Programs and Services to our members and our communities. Health Education gives people the inspiration, tools, and information they need to make healthy choices at every stage of life.

Kaiser Permanente San Jose’s Healthy Living Center is an interactive learning space with trained staff designed to help members navigate health resources.   In our Healthy Living Center we can assist you with:  classes, health education counseling,  navigation of Kaiser Permanente’s wide range of valuable health information resources and online tools.


Health Education and Healthy Living programs and services are provided at the following locations:

Healthy Living Center

Building 4
260 international Circle
San Jose, CA 95119


Services include:

  • Online Classes
  • Class enrollment
  • Telephonic Wellness Coaching
  • Baby and Me Support Group
  • Help at Home -Postpartum and New Baby Support
  • My Doctor Online activation, download, and navigation

Health Education

The Health Education Department offers classes and support groups for Kaiser Permanente members and nonmembers with various physical and/or psychological symptoms.

Aging and Senior Health

Good health habits can make a big difference even to older adults who may not have made their health a priority in the past. Managing health for older adults is just as important as managing it at any other stage in life.

Breastfeeding Support

We have breastfeeding resources available for you at the San Jose and Gilroy Medical Offices when you need a little help or encouragement.

Chemical Dependency and Drug Education

Addiction is a disease that can affect you differently than someone else. Learning about addiction, evidence-based treatment and recovery programs can help prevent you or someone you know from developing an addiction.

Children, Teens and Parenting

We can help you navigate common concerns with raising babies, kids, and teens.

Clases en Español

Descripciones de clases de educación para la salud, desde ejercicio y alimentación saludable hasta reducción del estrés, encuentre recursos para mantener la salud física y emocional.


We encourage you to take advantage of our programs and resources to help you take control of your diabetes.

Heart Health

Your heart health matters to us. It starts with prevention.

Managing Ongoing Conditions

Most people experience back, knee, shoulder or heel pain at some point in their lives. Learn about ongoing conditions and how to manage them.

Mental and Behavioral Health

We offer many options to learn how to reduce stress, increase resilience and work with your thoughts, emotions, and behaviors to improve your overall wellness and peace of mind.

Pregnancy to Newborn: Healthy Beginnings

From labor & delivery to pediatrics, The Health Education Department is here to help get you ready for your baby. Prepare for a healthy pregnancy and childbirth. We have online resources and classes.

Sleep Health

Learn how to improve the quantity and the quality of sleep. Learn how nighttime habits and thinking patterns affect your sleep, and how to change both.

Quitting Tobacco

We know quitting tobacco can be difficult to do. That's why we offer a range of proven approaches to help you.

Medical Weight Management

Kaiser Permanente offers a wide range of resources to help you and your family achieve and maintain a healthy weight.

Women’s Health

You have the ability to thrive at every age. We offer healthy lifestyle programs designed for your unique needs!