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Pharmacy Information

Information Sheets and Labels

You may receive written information sheets about your medicines, or information labels (stickers) may be attached to your prescription container. Please read these carefully, and ask the pharmacist if you have any questions. Our drug information leaflets for patients (PPls) are available in Spanish, and some are also available in Chinese.

If you have questions or need information about your medicines, please speak to a pharmacist.


The formulary is a list of preferred drugs. These drugs have been carefully selected by our physicians, pharmacists, and other experts on the basis of safety, effectiveness, quality, and where possible, cost. Our formulary contains a comprehensive list of drugs, which should meet the needs of most patients.

Generic Drugs

Drug products that contain the same medication but are manufactured by different companies are known as generics. Generic drugs, which may look, taste, or be packaged differently, and may have different brand names, can be substituted for one another.

The generics used by our pharmacies have been approved by our Drug Evaluation Department to make sure that they are of maximum quality. Our generics must also meet the standards for quality, safety, and effectiveness of the Federal Food and Drug Administration.

If your prescription has been filled with a generic, it will be noted on your prescription label. Because generic drugs provide high quality at lower cost, we encourage their use.

Over-The-Counter Drugs

Our pharmacies carry a number of commonly used over-the-counter (OTC) products at special low prices for Kaiser members. Convenient self-care kits for allergy and colds are also available.

Pharmacy Computer System

Kaiser Permanente pharmacies throughout the Northern California region are linked by a computer system. This enables us to process prescriptions more efficiently, to keep more accurate prescription record, and help to spot possible drug interactions or other problems that can arise when multiple medicines are prescribed. Your doctor can also check your prescription record through our pharmacy computer system.

The linking of all our pharmacies by computer also makes it easier for you to use any Kaiser pharmacy in the Northern California region when you need to refill a prescription,. Please remember that your prescription record will be more complete if you use a Kaiser pharmacy for your prescription needs rather than switching between Kaiser and non-Kaiser pharmacies.

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Last updated on 8/20/2014.