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250 Hospital Parkway
San Jose, CA 95119

Contact Us
Office: 408-972-6320
FAX: 408-972-7662

Our Mission
The Anesthesia Department at Kaiser Permanente San Jose is dedicated to providing top-notch anesthesia services wherever and whenever we are needed. We have a staff of board-certified MD anesthesiologists and CRNAs who are ready, willing and able to perform both routine surgical or obstetric cases and lifesaving emergency interventions throughout the hospital.

In addition to providing perioperative anesthesia services, our department also spearheads the Anesthesia Pre-op Clinic , a Pain Medicine Clinic , as well as one of the few remaining anesthesia-run intensive care units in the Bay Area. We welcome the opportunity to participate in your healthcare and wholeheartedly accept and appreciate the trust that you have placed in our hands.


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