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San Jose, CA 95119

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Care Philosophy

We specialize in the treatment of diseases of the kidney and high blood pressure (hypertension). In our practice, the total patient is our primary concern, and we pride ourselves on providing personal and friendly care. We are dedicated to fully educating you about your health needs, and strive to be your partner in health. To ensure high quality and continuity of care, we have a nephrology team comprised of physicians, a pre-ESRD care manager, renal case managers, and medical assistants.

Please visit our clinician home pages to find information about your condition and answers to frequently asked questions, which will help to prepare you for your visit.

Nephrologists are physicians who treat acute kidney disease, chronic kidney disease, end-stage renal disease (ESRD), and hypertension. Hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis, as well as the immunosuppressive regimen after kidney transplant, are also managed by a nephrologist. The nephrologists at Kaiser Permanente San Jose Medical Center are supported by other team members in the provision of care to our patients.

Deepa Ramaswamy, MD
Zineb Benmayouf, MD
William Peters, MD
Preeti Nargund, MD

Renal Case Managers work closely with the nephrologist and the patient on dialysis. They monitor outpatient dialysis treatments, coordinate required exams and assist with transplant preparation, as required. They meet with patients in the office and facilitate information exchange between patient and nephrologist, generally acting as key contact person within the Department of Nephrology. Each renal case manager also teaches the Kidney Awareness Class and the Kidney Treatment Choices/Options Class. These classes are very informative sessions, providing vital information for those with kidney disease.

Joanne Silin, RN
Nina Montanez, RN
Michael Odneal, RN
Yoke Chan, RN

The Pre-ESRD Care Manager and hypertension/Procrit nurse supports patients by providing education and counseling associated with hypertension and anemia management. Consulting with the nephrologists, the nurse follows patients over time to adjust medications and monitor the patient’s condition.

We welcome any feedback/suggestions and will endeavor to incorporate them in the future if at all possible.

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