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Hospital Based Medicine

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Our mission is to provide the highest quality and excellent service to our hospitalized patients.

On September 27, 1997, the Hospital Based Specialist (HBS) group was established at Kaiser Permanente San Jose. The HBS group is comprised of physicians called Hospitalists whose specialty is Internal Medicine and whose focus is in the complex field of Hospital Medicine. Patients admitted to Kaiser Permanente San Jose Medical Center, are cared for by teams of Hospitalists. Your Personal Provider, who cares for you in the outpatient clinic may not be part of the hospital team, but will stay in close contact with the Hospitalist who is caring for you during your hospital stay.

We are experts in hospital care for adults

You will receive care from physicians whose knowledge and skills are focused in caring for hospitalized patients with serious illnesses.

You will have physicians who are available to you, your family and the nursing staff to discuss your ongoing hospital care.

You will have physicians who can coordinate your hospital care 24 hours a day, to get you well as quickly as possible.

What to expect:

Physicians in the Hospital Based Specialist group generally are scheduled 7 days at a time and change every Tuesday; therefore, you may encounter a new Hospitalist on Tuesday.
Your Hospitalist generally begins rounds at 8:30 a.m. We welcome questions from family members and encourage you to choose a family spokesperson. Please let your Nurse know. The best time for your Hospitalist to speak with family members is usually in the early to mid-afternoon on weekdays until 6:00 PM, but exceptions can be made.

For medical emergencies during the nighttime, a qualified Nighttime Physician will be covering for the daytime Hospitalist. However, questions about specific issues regarding your care are best addressed by your daytime Hospitalist who is most familiar with your case.

While you are here:

Your Nurse will be your caregiver, teacher and advocate. He or she will be able to provide information and will serve as a contact person between you and those involved in your care.

Your Patient Care Coordinator will help make your transition from the hospital to your destination (home, nursing home, rehabilitation center, etc.) as smooth as possible.

The Medical Social Work Staff can provide counseling and/or assistance regarding concerns you or your family members may have. The Social Worker will assist you in identifying and selecting appropriate resources available to you in the community.

Our Medical Staff is committed to helping you feel comfortable while you are here with us. It is very important while you are here that you get the information you need to care for yourself (or be cared for) to return home. We encourage you and your family members to ask questions and to take an active role in your recovery.

Going home:

Your Hospitalist will reassess your condition daily and determine when you are well enough to leave the hospital. When you are ready to be discharged, we will attempt to discharge you before 11:00 AM; however, there may be some exceptions. Before you leave the hospital, your Hospitalist and Nurse will give you information about discharge medication(s) and follow-up appointment(s).

Please arrange to have your family members available at that time to provide transportation. If you need help arranging transportation, please let a Medical Social Worker or Patient Care Coordinator know as soon as possible so that your discharge is not delayed.

Resuming your care with your primary provider:

After your discharge from the hospital, your Personal Provider will resume responsibility for your care. If you have questions regarding your follow-up, please call our HBS Coordinator, at 408-972-7412.

If you are a Kaiser Permanente member and do not already have a Personal Provider or wish to change your Personal Provider, please let your Hospitalist know.

Your Personal Provider will be notified of your hospital course if he/she is a provider in the Northern California Kaiser Permanente system; otherwise, you will need to request a copy of your medical records to be sent to your provider through our Medical Records Department at 408-972-6655. The best time to request these records is five to seven working days after your date of discharge.

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