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San Jose, CA 95119

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Our Mission

  • Personalized care in a safe environment
  • Timely, courteous and professional service
  • Guidance to our patients in using health care services
  • Education and support to help patients achieve a healthy lifestyle
  • Quality care in a cost effective manner
  • Recognizing and respecting cultural diversity within our patient population

The Endocrinology Service provides specialty care for patients with hormone problems by helping to restore the natural balance of hormones in your system.

An endocrinologist is a specially trained doctor. Endocrinologists diagnose diseases that affect your glands. They know how to treat conditions, which are often complex and involve many systems and structures within your body. Your regular doctor refers you to an endocrinologist when you have a problem with your endocrine system.

Endocrinologists take care of many conditions including:

  • diabetes
  • thyroid diseases
  • metabolism
  • hormonal imbalances
  • osteoporosis
  • shortness (short stature)
  • cancers of the glands

Scheduling and Canceling Endocrinology Appointments:
Appointments may be scheduled by calling 1-408-362-4791. An appointment clerk will either book an appointment or take a message to the physician. The physician’s medical assistant will return your call to book your appointment.

Cancellations may be made by calling 1-408-362-4791

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