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Our local Community Health grants program supports programs and organizations that are working to address the health needs of our most vulnerable residents.

Through partnerships with community organizations and government entities, Kaiser Permanente strives to benefit the community by addressing issues and concerns that affect overall community health. These partnerships are built on the sharing of knowledge and resources between Kaiser Permanente and health-related community service organizations. Kaiser Permanente brings a variety of resources to these partnerships: cash grants to support community activities, volunteers, and in-kind donations.

Funding Priorities

Kaiser Permanente South Bay has identified priority health and social needs that impact the lives of vulnerable populations through a community needs assessment that is conducted every three years. These priorities provide the basis for the Kaiser Permanente South Bay Community Health Program and guide the distribution of contributions to the community.

Kaiser Permanente identified the following priority needs for 2020-2022 in Santa Clara County:

  1. Healthy Eating Active Living  (HEAL)
  2. Mental Health and Wellness
  3. Housing and Homelessness
  4. Health Care Access & Delivery

For more information about our CHNA process and reports, please visit: www.kp.org/chna

At this time, Kaiser Permanente South Bay is not accepting any new grant applications. Updates to our grantmaking process will be provided on this website.