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Pediatric Gender Care Services

Be who you are and feel good about it

We are a team of dedicated health professionals who provide integrated mental health, medical and surgical care to transgender and gender expansive children and tees in a comfortable, supportive setting.

We provide high-quality, gender-affirming

  • Counseling and Support Groups
  • Hormone therapy
  • Sexual and reproductive health care
  • Surgical evaluations and procedures

Multidisciplinary Pediatric Gender Clinic

  • Kaiser San Francisco Pediatrics
  • Hormone support
  • Talk to your provider for a referral


  • Support groups for teens & parents
  • Kaiser San Francisco, Psychiatry
  • Talk to your provider for a referral

Multi-Specialty Transitions Clinic

  • Kaisers Oakland & San Francisco
  • Surgery support

If you are a Kaiser Permanente member, please ask your therapist or primary care provider for a referral.

If you are not a Kaiser Permanente member and would like to learn more about the benefits of membership, visit kp.org/thrive

We have Pride All Year Round
Each person is unique and so is your health.  For more information go to kp.org/mydoctor/transgendercare