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Pediatrics Teen Advisory Council

The Pediatric Teen Advisory Council is a group of committed teens (school age 13-18) who:

  • Work together with staff to improve the health care experience for teens at Kaiser Permanente San Francisco.
  • Advise the medical center on how to improve patient and family satisfaction.
  • Serve as an important link between the Department of Pediatrics and the community.

Members of the council are eligible to receive community service hours for school.

Our current group is comprised of a group of bright young individuals, ages 13-17 years old, that go to different high schools across San Francisco. Unique in their own ways, our teens participate in sports and local politics.

The PAC group meets once a month to discuss chosen topics of their choice like Self-awareness, accessing Mental Health Resources, utilization of kp.org, and more. The teens offer feedback on different upcoming changes that would effect the care they receive as a member. Throughout the year, we provide group and individual projects so that the teens may engage with peers and hospital staff to share common learnings.

Leadership Team

Council Lead
Comelia Breed
Pediatrics Manager

I’m a San Francisco native born at our very own 2425 Geary Blvd. facility. I graduated from The University of San Francisco with an undergraduate degree in Special Education and Liberal Arts. I started my journey as an educator as a preschool teacher for gifted children, worked as a substitute teacher for about three years before transitioning into the healthcare field at Kaiser Permanente. I currently serve as the Pediatrics Department Manager which is directly aligned with my passion of helping our youth thrive by offering them encouragement and the tools they will need to positively progress in their own futures.

How to join / when do we meet?
(Contact information)

If you are interested in participating, please contact our program consultant at SFO_PFCC@kp.org.

Please reach out to find out when this council meets.