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Patient Advisory Councils

Patient Advisory Councils (PACs) are groups of members/patients who volunteer their time to engage with KP staff share their experience and perspective about the care and service delivered in our medical centers, and to improve the quality and service delivery for patients and visitors.

We have established PACs at our San Francisco Medical Center as part of our Patient and Family Centered Care program. The councils meet monthly and may attend additional meetings to listen, speak, advise, consult, learn, and contribute.

The PACs create an integrated model where patients/members serve as advisors to enhance quality and safety, redesign care system, and educate health care professionals and staff on the patient’s care experience and opportunities.

Benefits/The impact of a Patient Advisory Council:

  • PAC priorities present parents’ perspective and voice to KP organization
  • Share issues/experiences and form solutions to problems with other KP patients
  • Gain behind the scene perspective
  • Opportunity to communicate directly with KP staff

San Francisco Kaiser Permanente Medical Center currently has eight active advisory councils with special focus on varying cultures, department specialty, and hospital acuity.  Learn more about our different advisory councils to the right! (please note, all advisory councils have websites)

If you are interested in learning more about our PACs, please contact us!