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Prenatal and Postpartum Education Programs

In the Health Education Department, we offer classes and workshops to help you prepare for childbirth, support your baby’s health, and maintain your own wellness. Check the class listings below for class offerings and descriptions, dates, times and fees* (many classes are provided at no-fee). Classes are open to members only. Classes are available on a first come, first serve basis and you may register for a class in several ways:

  1. Call the Health Education Department at 415-833-3450 weekdays from 9am to 5 pm (Closed for lunch from 12:30-1:30pm)
  2. Email the Health Education Department at sfhealthed@kp.org with your name, medical record number, and the name and the date of the class you would like to register for. Please include the name and medical record numbers of other family members/caregivers who may be registering with you. If it is a no-fee class, you will receive an automated email confirmation once you are registered.
  3. To register in-person, please visit the Health Education Department.
    2241 Geary Blvd
    San Francisco, CA 94115

    Heatlhy Living Center
    1600 Owens St., First Floor
    San Francisco, CA 94158

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