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What to Expect

Once the memory clinic receives a referral, our staff  will contact you to schedule an appointment. You will need to complete any lab tests and imaging ordered by your primary care provider prior to the appointment.

We will also ask you and a family member or caregiver to complete a pre-visit questionnaire about your memory loss symptoms.

Completed questionnaires can be returned by:

Once you have completed all the lab tests and imaging and filled out the questionnaire, an appointment will be scheduled for you. We highly encourage that you bring a family member or trusted caregiver to the appointment.

During the appointment, patients and their caregiver/ family member  will meet with the Memory Clinic team members, including our geriatrician and social worker.

The visit will include a detailed history, memory assessment, physical examination, and discussion about any condition that is identified. If further tests are necessary, they will be scheduled, and you will receive specific instructions.

The Memory Clinic team will then provide follow-up resources and a treatment plan tailored to you or your family member’s specific needs.  We will also communicate this plan to your primary care team and work closely with them to manage your condition.