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Emotional Self-Care Toolkit

As part of our efforts to educate and bring awareness about mental health to our members and KPSF community, this special webpage provides many activities and resources to encourage you to start caring for yourself. The following assessment tools, action plans, and activities intend to encourage you to take action addressing your mental health needs. Let’s begin the journey to take care of you!

  • Are you interested in assessing your mental health state? Click here to access a pool of assessment tools.
  • Handling stress is challenging. Click here for some questions that might help you get started thinking about how to handle stress.
  • Feeling void makes people feel empty emotionally and therefore might get engaged in risky behaviors. Click here to access a guide that could help you analyze those void feelings.
  • Are you interested in knowing how to deal with stupid thoughts? Click here to learn how to stop them.
  • Does your child or teen seem to be struggling with stress/anxiety/depression? Ask your child to click here for a guide for adolescents and teens to start the conversation about mental health.
  • Your mind and body are deeply interconnected! Click here to learn about why you should talk to your doctor about your mental health.
  • Click here to track your daily physical symptoms and feelings.
  • Click here to access mental health resources.
  • Click on the following links to access anxiety, depression, and insomnia tip-sheets.