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COVID-19 & Emotional Health

On this page you can find some useful information about behavioral health during COVID-19. Please click on the following links to access the information.

Fact Sheets:

COVID-19 & Anxiety

COVID-19 & Mental Self-Care

COVID Isolation Guide

Psychological Consequences of Social Isolation During COVID-19

Behavioral Health Newsletters:

Issue 1. Stress & Anxiety During COVID-19

Issue 2. Loneliness and Self-Care During COVID-19

Issue 3. Children’s Mental Health During COVID-19

Issue 4. Sleep Improvement During COVID-19



COVID-19 & Children’s Behavioral Health

To learn how to help children cope with COVID-19 click here.

How to talk to your child about COVID-19

COVID-19 Parenting Tips

6 ways parents can support their kids through the COVID-19 outbreak

How to protect your family’s mental health in the face of COVID-19

Supporting Elmo During COVID-19

My Hero Is You“. This fictional book developed by and for children aims to help families understand and cope with COVID-19. You can access the book in other languages.