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Classes and Workshops

Our Health Education Department believes you deserve resources and knowledge that support your total health. Behavioral health education aims to connect you to the resources that empower you to make healthy decisions to live a better life and thrive. We offer many behavioral health educational classes that are designed to help you stay healthy – in mind, body, and spirit.

To register for any of our classes, please contact your provider or call/email Health Education Department at 415-833-3450, email SFHealthed@kp.org.

Behavioral Health Education Team

BHE Class Flyer


Pathways to Emotional Wellness

Daily life can bring many stressors. Along with physical symptoms, stress can cause depression, anxiety, and insomnia. Come learn specific ways to build emotional and physical resilience and about the many Kaiser Permanente resources that can help. In the single session you will learn:

  • What “stress” is and how it affects your body
  • General information on depression and anxiety
  • Effective treatments and self-care tools for managing your symptoms
  • About classes and resources within Kaiser Permanente and the community that can help


(Single Session, on the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of each month, 6:00-8:30 p.m. no fee)

Managing Stress Series

Did you know that emotions, thoughts, and behaviors can affect your health? In this class you will learn to recognize the sources of stress in your life and how to manage stress- related symptoms and illnesses. You’ll also learn ways to relax and how to develop healthy lifestyle habits to take better care of yourself and enjoy life more.

In this six-session class you will learn how to:

  • Fight fatigue and frustration
  • Manage stress and symptoms
  • Communicate better with your health care providers, family, and friends


(6 Sessions, 2 hours, no fee)

Understanding Anxiety Series

Gain a better understanding of what triggers your anxiety and fears. In this six-session series you will learn:

  • Specific tools to help you manage your anxiety
  • Instruction in relaxation and breathing techniques
  • Worry control techniques
  • How to identify and challenge fearful thoughts
  • Physical basis for anxiety


(6 Sessions, 2 hours, no fee)

Managing Depression Series

Many people experience times of depression with feelings of sadness, hopelessness and emptiness.  If this is you, there is hope and help…In this six-session series you will learn to:

  • Identify patterns of thinking that affect your feelings and moods
  • Challenge negative thinking
  • Start-up pleasant activities again
  • Communicate assertively to others
  • Practice daily care of yourself


(6 Sessions, 2 hours, no fee)

Improving Sleep

Learn how sleeping behavior and thinking patterns affect your sleep and how to change both for a good night’s rest. This class does not apply to problems related to a medical condition, substance abuse, or medications. In this four-sessions class you will learn:

  • How to reduce the worries that keep you awake
  • Relaxation techniques
  • Ways to establish a sleep routine
  • The role and limits of medications


(4 sessions, 2 hours, no fee)

Pathways to Oncology Mindfulness

This single session online class is designed to introduce oncology patients and cancer survivors to a sample of techniques in managing psychological and physical symptoms related to their illness and treatments. In this class, we introduce members to mindfulness to increase their ability to meet challenges that often accompany a cancer diagnosis, such as pain management, changes in self-image and identity, etc. This single session is an introductory class and is considered a pre-requisite to join the comprehensive six-session oncology mindfulness and stress reduction series. In this class participants will be introduced to a sample of Skills & techniques to reduce emotional & physical symptoms of stress.


Date: This class is offered once a month.

Fee: No fee

Oncology Mindfulness and Stress Reduction

This 6-week online class is designed to help oncology patients and cancer survivors manage psychological and physical symptoms related to the illness and treatments. The goal of this class is to help people live more fully.  In this class, we utilize mindfulness and stress management techniques to increase our ability to meet challenges that often accompany a cancer diagnosis, such as pain management, changes in self-image and identity, and the wide range of stressors that arise as a direct or indirect result of a change in health. In this six-week class participants will learn skills & techniques to reduce emotional & physical symptoms of stress. A variety of meditation, relaxation, and movement practices will be offered to help you better work with symptoms, cultivate a sense of presence and thrive. (6 Sessions, 2 hours)

(6 Sessions, 2 hours, no fee)


Assertiveness Training Series

This class will help you learn practical skills to develop self- confidence, improve communication skills, resolve conflicts, and promote positive personal and professional relationships. You will have the opportunity to practice techniques taught in class, share experiences, and work towards your goals. (This class is for men and women.) In this six-week class participants will learn:

  • What assertive behavior is
  • The difference between Assertiveness, Non-Assertiveness and Aggressiveness
  • Active listening and problem-solving techniques
  • How to effectively deal with anger
  • Conflict resolution skills

(5 Sessions, 2 hours, for a fee)

Couples Communication Series

This workshop is designed for couples to improve their communication skills.  Couples can improve the quality of their relationship by learning and practicing skills to promote a healthy and loving relationship. In this six-session class we will cover:

  • Verbal and non-verbal communication
  • Listening and validating skills
  • Anger management and conflict resolution
  • Problem solving techniques

(6 Sessions, 2 hours, no fee)

Couples Café

This single session educational class is designed for couples who successfully completed the Couples Communication series and would like to have a follow-up discussion session to continue their progress in practicing their communication skills. In this single-session class, the instructor will:

  • Review tools/strategies discussed in the Couples Communication class series
  • Support couples in their successful tool implementation
  • Troubleshoot challenges that may arise by clarifying the implementation of the tools/strategies and assisting couples to adjust tools/strategies to complement their lifestyle and unique experiences where applicable.

(Single Session, 2 hours, for a fee)


Managing Anger Series

Are you having trouble managing your angry responses? Is your anger affecting your relationships at home, at work and in your community? There are healthy ways to deal with anger and six-week class you will learn what those are. In this class you will learn:

  • Identifying what triggers your anger
  • Developing communication skills that are effective
  • Using relaxation and other stress management techniques
  • Developing a plan and practice ways to respond before your emotions overcome you

(6 Sessions, 2 hours, for a fee)

Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction

This 9-week class, which includes a full day retreat, is designed to teach you mind body awareness techniques to help you cope with psychological or physical symptoms from stress and stress-related illnesses. Participants have reported increased ability to cope with stressful situations, greater energy, and effective coping with chronic pain. In this nine-week class participants will learn:

  • Skills & techniques to reduce emotional & physical symptoms of stress
  • A specific relaxation/meditation practice and movement routine to improve symptoms
  • Effective communication skills to improve relationships


(9 sessions, 2 and half hours, for a fee; Online MBSR: 6 sessions, 2 hours, for a fee)

Daylong Mindfulness Based Stress Management Retreat

Give yourself the gift of relaxation and rejuvenation. During this day-long retreat, you will learn and practice simple but effective approaches to mindfulness and relaxation, meditations, and mindful movement. The day consists of guided practice and instruction, but basic information on mindfulness and stress management will also be provided. Appropriate for beginners, experiences practitioners, and those interested in getting practice in mindfulness.

(Single Session, for a fee)

Understanding Loss (Grief)

 This 4-week series intends to educate participants on grief reactions and learn coping skills for processing their losses. Participants learn to engage in valued living, which in turn, increases quality of life. This class allows the participants to:

  • Process their grief
  • Gain tools to continue to resolve grief on their own
  • Have a safe space to share their feelings
  • Accept changes caused by grief
  • Find a way to honor the loved one’s memory

This class is led by Behavioral Health Psychologist, Jenna Moschetto, PhD