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About Us

Our Multidisciplinary Team

Chronic pain is a difficult and complex problem for which no one discipline has an adequate answer. A multidisciplinary approach, which combines the unique contributions of multiple disciplines has been found to be a more effective treatment for most people. Our staff is comprised of a multidisciplinary team which includes Medical Doctors, Psychologists, Registered Nurses, Physical Therapists & Acupuncturists, a Licensed Social Worker, and a Pharmacist.

How Do I Access Services?

Your primary care physician can refer you to the Chronic Pain Management Department. Once the referral is received, we’ll contact you and schedule you for our Chronic Pain Overview Class.

Treatment Services

The Chronic Pain Management Department provides consultation and multidisciplinary treatment of adult patients with chronic benign pain problems. Services within the Chronic Pain Department fall into five main categories – evaluation, medical intervention, behavioral and psychological therapies, physical reconditioning, and acupuncture.


Each patient receives a thorough evaluation by a physician, a physical therapist, and a health psychologist. Together, we create a treatment plan to meet the unique needs of each patient. An individual’s treatment plan might consist of any combination of the following treatment components:

Medical Intervention

Our physicians are trained and practiced in state-of-the-art medical therapy for chronic pain.

Behavioral and Psychological Therapies

Our behavioral team provides powerful and proven tools to enable patients to manage pain and improve quality of life. The program delivers these tools through several different groups at varying levels of intensity, individual and some family counseling, biofeedback, headache management, and an aftercare program for ongoing support.

Physical Reconditioning

Using both traditional and non-traditional approaches, physical therapists help chronic pain patients regain ease of movement, strength, flexibility, coordination, and balance.


Acupuncture/acupressure may be a recommended adjunct treatment to help patients achieve improved pain control enabling them to participate more actively in their lives.

What is Expected of Me?

We expect you to be an active participant in the treatment process and in establishing personal goals for yourself. Individuals should be motivated to take charge of managing their pain more independently with less interference in physical, vocational, and psychological functioning. You are expected to commit fully to all recommended aspects of the program.